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GATE Online Test Series for Civil Engineering - CE

Gate Online Test Series for Civil Engineering - CE

Engineers Institute of India is most famous institute for GATE Online Test Series for Civil Engineering CE. GATE Online Test Series is the best way to check your preparation status. With help of GATE Online Test Series candidate is able to point their out strong and weak area of subject and focus on study according to the result.

Module of Test Series:

1. Classroom


3. Postal

Mode of Registration: Online or Offline


GATE Test Series Schedule for Civil Engineering - CE


  1. Total Number of T'est:- 75 (25 Topic-wise, 25 Full Length Test, 10 Ranker & 15 Open Mock)

  2.  Each Test Paper is designed and compiled as per recent Online GATE papers

  3.  Similar Online Test Panel is available for Online Test Users with instant ranl generations, detailed solutions & analysis report
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Civil Engineering - GATE Online Test Series
GATE Test Series
Test Schedule
Test Name
Test Code
1st June to 10th Feb Test-1. Engineering Mathematics TWT-B1
Test-2.General Aptitude TWT-B2
Test-3. Engineering Mathematics TWT-B3
Test-4. General Aptitude TWT-B4
Test-5. Strength of Materials TWT-B5CE
Test-6. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics TWT-B6CE
Test-7. Structural Analysis TWT-B7CE
Test-8. Concrete Structures TWT-B8CE
Test-9. Steel Structures TWT-B9CE
Test-10. Soil Mechanics + Foundation TWT-B10CE
1st July  to 10th Feb Test-11. Hydrology & Irrigation TWT-B11CE
Test-12. Environmental Engineering TWT-B12CE
Test-13. Transportation Engineering TWT-B13CE
Test-14. Surveying TWT-B14CE
Test-15. Miscellaneous TWT-B15CE
GATE Online Test Series
16th July  to 10th Feb Test-1. Engineering Mathematics TWT-A1
Test-2. General Aptitude TWT-A2
Test-3. Engineering Mathematics TWT-A3CE
Test-4. General Aptitude TWT-A4CE
Test-5. Strength of Material + Structural Analysis TWT-A5CE
1st August  to 15th Feb. Test-6. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics TWT-A6CE
Test-7. Soil Mechanics + Foundation TWT-A7CE
Test-8. Surveying + Transportation Engineering TWT-A8CE
Test-9. Steel Structures & Concrete Structures TWT-A9CE
Test-10. Hydrology & Irrigation, Environmental TWT-A10CE
Online Test Series
1st Sep.  to 10th Feb
GATE Full Length Syllabus
(Basic Level: 10)
1st October  to 10th Feb
GATE Full Length Syllabus
(Basic Level: 5)
Online GATE Test Series
16th Oct.  to 10th Feb
GATE Full Length Syllabus
(Advance Level: 5)
1st Nov.  to 10th Feb.
GATE Full Length Syllabus
(Advance Level: 5)
GATE Test Series
1st December 
10th Feb.
GATE Full Length Syllabus
1st January
10th Feb.
15-GATE Open Mock Full Syllaus


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GATE 2018 Regular Course 

1. 25th Feb. 2017       2. 19th March 2017         

3. 4th April 2017         4. 6th May 2017       

5. 6th June 2017         6. 11th July 2017    

7. 8th August 2017     

8. 15th September 2017 (Crash Course Only)     

9. 15th October 2017 (Crash Course Only)


GATE 2018 Weekend Course 

1. 25th Feb. 2017        2. 19th March 2017        

3. 16th April 2017         4. 20th May 2017      

5. 24th June 2017         6. 11th July 2017    

7. 19th August 2017  

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GATE 2018 Summer Batch

1. 20th April 2017        2. 6th May 2017          

3. 20th May 2017       4. 6th June 2017        

5. 24th June 2017    


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